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Bel Fruit

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Bel contains protein, phosphorus, Vitamin C and B complex and tannin. It is sweet in taste. It is so highly nutritious and healthy that they say that having four or five belphal stored in your refrigerator is a sure route to good health. It is a good friend to students who have to burn the midnight oil to prepare for their exams. It helps to improve the eyesight and increase concentration power.

It strengthens the heart and mind. It cures acidity, increases body resistance and improve the memory. It is recommended for young and infirm alike as it quickens the reflexes and makes one alert.

This plant is of great value as its root, shoots, bark, leaves and fruit, all are healing and serve many medicinal purposes.

Bel fruit is also know as king of fruits. It is a tough exterior. If it falls from a height, the fruit does not crack. It’s nutrients and juice remain intact. It increases the appetite and aids digestion.

Bel Fruit

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Bel fruit makes delicious panna. It can be roasted and then its pulp can be extracted to make panna. The pulp of the raw bel can also be used for the same. Take two large bel fruits. Remove the seed from the pulp. Mash the pulp. Add a bit of salt, sugar and lemon juice for taste. Mix in a blender. Store the contents in a bottle. It can be thinned by mixing a fresh water according to taste. This drink cools the body. It is ideal for summers. It also lowers cholesterol.

The pulp of bel can be mixed in a juicer to prepare bel juice. It can be had as it is or flavored with leaves of mint, salt and lemon juice.

Crush bel leaves and pour one or two drops in the eyes after sieving. This is an instant remedy for burning and painful eyes.

Bel also cures ulcers and gastric disorders. It treats acidity, burning sensation in the stomach and nausea. It cleans the stomach of impurities and cures weak eyes.

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